My Happy.

After posting this on FB, a friend asked me if I already found My happy.

And without hesitation I told her I already have and enumerated the following to be.

1. Coffee. 2. Omelettes 3. Coffee and omelettes by the beach 3. Sunsets 4. Good book 5. Reading on the couch 6. Wedges/ stilettos 7. Ballet flats. 8. Rainy days 9. Muffins 10. Touchdowns

She half-smiled. Or made a smirk I think. Maybe she didn’t expect the list to be so simple. Maybe she expects grand things to be included knowing that I am living more than okay now ( maybe by her standards because I know i am just living with what I have). Maybe she was expecting that a man or a romantic relationship is on top of the list.

Whatever she thinks I can’t do anything about it. These what makes me smile now. These are what makes my heart sing. Simple maybe but grand in the way I see and feel it.