Write A Note: 2011

This is my fourth draft as i decide on what to write.  The first draft was titled ” and who said 2011 sucked?.  I was on my 4th paragraph when sofie interrupted me and wants to watch Barney.  How can i say no when she was begging me to click the video of her favorite dancing dinosaur with a kiss?  I was out of my thoughts when I returned to write and so I deleted it.

The second draft was titled ” 2011?!”.  It was a question of how 2011 turned out.  Was it a good year or a bad year?  Are the happy events outweighed the negative?  The first few paragraphs were so depressing thatIi dediced to delete it too.  Who would want to read a review of the year with so many depressing and sad events?  The early evening news had covered it anyway.

The third draft was titled Looking Back”.  This ought to enumerate the good things that 2011 brought.  I was writing it in a way that I would first enumerate the sad events – the storms that displaced many people in mindanao, the feelings of the family of those that were executed in China, the japan earthquake and then i stopped – it was also depressing.  I was about to write some few good things about 2011 like.. um… number 1… oopsss.. is there really some good things this 2011?

Hmm… i’ll not look outside as what might be good for me might not be good for others.  And so i’ll write the good things that happenned with my so called life.  I’ll start with a negative??!!! yep, because it was not always rosy.  There were stresses, sleepless nights and second guessing both for work and personal life.  I ended some relationships but made few good ones.  I lost some, i won some. But most importantly, i believe, is I made peace with some aspects of my life.  This made me smile more, become more positive and claimed that eveything my heart’s desire will fall in His own perfect time.

And so if you’ll ask me if 2011 was a good year, i’ll definitely say yes.  And as i am writing this, i can’t ask for anything more.

Cheers 2011!  Thank you for a good run and may the last day be full of love love love.