The Soul Never Forgets.

“Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this and in each one of them, we’ve found each other.  I know I’ve spent each life before this one searching for you – not someone like you, but you.  For your soul and mine must always come together”.

The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks


Before Midnight ends…

And just like the first two, I blurted out “shoot, that’s it! that’s the end?!” when the credits came rolling in.  I guess for one and a half hour, I was so immersed into Jesse and Celine’s life and their long walk conversations, the hours passed so quickly.image

Their talks about soul mate, long distance relationships, of being married for 74 years, of changing something with your partner, of passing by here on earth, of compromise, of being a father from afar, of acceptance and of loving unconditionally, were very interesting I smiled, nodded, disagreed on my mind, got me confused and made me think even more.

I know I sucked at relationships but I know that for anyone who’s married, contemplating marriage and those who are planning to enter into a committed relationship, this is a must-watch movie .  Warning though to those who didn’t see the first two and those who doesn’t like “long conversations”, this might be a bore.

But for like us who waited nine years to see how these two will end after they connected on the train 18 years ago, it is a bittersweet ending. I will surely miss these two.

But if it will take another nine years for its sequel, I’ll be willing to wait.

Despite of… You don’t…

Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, every story we’re told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule.

But sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe… it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is… just… moving on.

Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope.

He’s Just Not That Into You

it all ends here.

for a fan like me, it really is.

everytime i think about it, i get a little bit sad.  and of course, excited!  the end is finally here!

how scary and bloody will it be?  how will voldemort find harry? how will it be for the rest of the weasleys especially that they will face death in the family?  how good will hermione be? and how sorry will snape be?  yay.. my heart is pounding so fast now…

will they show the after 19 years?  how wil they look like? especially their kids.. this gets a little more interesting!

what will i do after the last scene unfolds? will i clap my hands  since the battle was won? or will i just stare at the blank screen  knowing that there will never be a next time.


for now, i am counting the days until i clap my hands, maybe with tears on my face, staring at the final credits of harry potter.


flying to july 2011…

Nope, i am not getting married.  I am not even meeting “the one”.

Nope, i am not transferring to a more glamorous work with perks i never dreamed of.

Nope, i am not travelling to Paris or to Santorini (not yet).

I am not even meeting my crush.. Wentworth Miller.

Or even, reaching the goal to the Million.

I want to know the end.  As if i haven’t known.  I’ve read it more than six times already but seeing it will just be different.  Especially that part1 was so close to the book that  I am hoping part2 of the movie  will breathe every pages of the story of Harry Potter. 

It will be bittersweet I know.  For fans like me, part2 is the realization that it is really the end.  No book 8.  Just like when i finished reading book 7, much as it is a happy ending, sadness crept in because i know that it is truly, really the end.

Yep, for HP i am willing to let the days of 2011 fly fast.  Just for him and Hermione and Ron.  Or maybe i can just let the pensieve help me. ; )