thankful for 2010!

If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled.  If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself.  Be content with what you have; rejoice in the ways things are.  When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.  Lao Tzu
And so we say goodbye to 2010, and what better way to do it but to say thanks to all what has been.  The last 365 days had been in more ways brought many blessings that brings smile thats always turns to a hearty laughter.  Balancing these happy moments are challenges that always pokes and nudges to always reminds to be grounded and humble.
Everyday while driving to work, at the same spot where i always see the sun shines, i say my little prayer of thanks.  Everyday i say something as simple as the light traffic ahead or as grand as finishing a deadline at work.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as my decaf coffee or the slight drizzle fighting against the rays of the sun.  When the manong honks so hard even when its red, or when the manong don’t want me to pass, i also say my thanks, it’s one way of making my patience quotient longer ; )
What a year it has been.  Travel has been great especially that the first one was with the whole family in HK and the other one was made special by great friends when we travelled in SG!  It was a first for the barkada and what a blast we had.  Also visited Baguio when the stresses of the city crept in.
It was a struggle to keep the sugar in control.  Exercise and diet seems not to do it but the persistence in me and of course the additional medicine i had to take made it work.  I was just thankful that all lab tests and medicines are taken care of by the office.  Hoping next year would be better.
2011 is the 1st year of the 2nd decade of the third millenium.  It surely is a new beginning for new goals, new directions, new struggles, new friends and new moments enough to make 2011 an interesting, fulfilling and hopefully healthy year!  It’s time to hop, hop, leap and leap!

let it snow!

the snow falling from this blog pages reminds me of a christmas spent in new york.  year 2008, 22 december when i (with mom and dad) landed in detroit and saw a runway in white… all covered in a day-old snow!  first time and i was in awe.

it was a few couple of days more when i actually saw the snow falling in the ground.  until now, i can’t forget how delighted i was and actually was begging my sis to go out and just be under the snow.  watching the snow falling from the sky was amazing and got myself singing ‘i’m dreaming of a white christmas’. 

let it snow! let it snow!

when my sis and i finally went out, the snow stopped! as if the sky was making a joke on me. hmmmppp…. my sis explained that sometimes it stopped for a while and will pour again. okay, i said.  we went to her doctor and i was busy checking the fish in the aquarium when my sis pointed that the snow is falling again.  she told me to go out and check it. and i did! i was so elated and happy and smiling all the time.  i felt so giddy and embarrassed whenever people pass by me. i just smile at them and just continue to hold the snow in my hand and play with it.  i even tasted it! hehehe… i just stopped and went inside when i felt that my nose already looks like rudolf and my hands began to numb after minutes of holding it. i had enough for the day.

i also saw how strong a snowfall is.  it was one time when we were leaving the house that it poured its might.  in just a few minutes, the roads were all covered and walking is an effort.  the negative temperature it brings also is sometimes unbearable.

mom and dad under the snowfall..

it snowed almost everyday when we were there.  whenever we go out my mom is often tired in preparing to go out with the three layers of clothing   just to bear the cold air outside. we were not just used to going out with lots of thermal clothes on us. when the snowfall is unbearable and we can’t go out, we just hang inside the house and watch filipino shows in tfc.

at rockefeller famous ice rink

would i want to experience snow again? hmmm… definitely. especially if it’s with the family.  no snowfall would make it as cold when spending christmas with the family.

this sunday is a rest day…

i woke up to a gloomy sunday. perfect for a day in bed. perfect for a cup of hot decaf coffee, some eggs, fried rice and some corned beef. this day is completed by the sunday paper ; )

today, i am resting from all the busyness of it all.  I just finished the christmas shopping with a friend yesterday, wrapped all the gifts in red and call it a day by 1AM.  Busy busy busy.

tomorrow is another busy day.  the week is even busier.  work, of course, gets the bulk, my monthly fbs is on thursday, the Aus visa form needs my attention, the ever important performance evaluation form is also due, the christmas party is this friday and of course, the birthday is this saturday! another year – and thus, time to list everyting i am thankful for…hmm, this deserves a new post.

but today, i am resting and by that means writing here while watching tv, waiting for the delivery  and lounging in my pjs!

i am capping this day with a mass later.

this is my rest day ; )

flying to july 2011…

Nope, i am not getting married.  I am not even meeting “the one”.

Nope, i am not transferring to a more glamorous work with perks i never dreamed of.

Nope, i am not travelling to Paris or to Santorini (not yet).

I am not even meeting my crush.. Wentworth Miller.

Or even, reaching the goal to the Million.

I want to know the end.  As if i haven’t known.  I’ve read it more than six times already but seeing it will just be different.  Especially that part1 was so close to the book that  I am hoping part2 of the movie  will breathe every pages of the story of Harry Potter. 

It will be bittersweet I know.  For fans like me, part2 is the realization that it is really the end.  No book 8.  Just like when i finished reading book 7, much as it is a happy ending, sadness crept in because i know that it is truly, really the end.

Yep, for HP i am willing to let the days of 2011 fly fast.  Just for him and Hermione and Ron.  Or maybe i can just let the pensieve help me. ; )