Kayangan Lake, Coron


A beautiful place to get lost.

These photos doesn’t do justice of how magnificent this place is.

December 9, 2017, iphone



Sail away.


To where the tulips grow
And trees are yellow
To where the fountains are
Where wishes I can blow.


To where the water is blue
The sky is always clear
To where the white powdery sand
And the waves lapping by.


To where the sky is yellow, red and orange
As the sun sets at the far west
As the black night sky clears
To pave for the stars and the moonrays.


To where the grass is green
And the air is sweet smelling
Where I walk barefoot
To the earth’s soft and brown.


To where I wake up to the sun’s light
Inching it’s way and shining bright
And then at night as I lay
Dreams are all coming it’s way.


Pope Francis and the Philippines.

We are a little more blessed since Thursday, January 15! Pope Francis is here.

Tacloban City, badly hit by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is in his itinerary. Braving the rain, with a yellow raincoat on, he waved to thousands who gathered to see him celebrate mass.

His homily was very moving, offering a moment of silence before he even began. He said he decided to come here the day Yolanda hit the island. And that even if he is a little bit late, he came just the same.


We experience a lot as a nation, sometimes pushing us to the edge, most of the time asking our God why super typhoon comes and kill so many. And as this question is left unanswered, our faith is challenged.

But today,  we felt God is with us!  With his inspiring words,  his endearing smile,  and his amazing presence!

Our nation is again blessed. May we live inspired.