About Mhy and this blog

About this Blog

I am trying to write.  I actually don’t know if i can but…

These notes are testaments to my so -called life.  These are snippets to the way i view life and the way i affect the small circle i am in. 

These are my raw thoughts on anything and everything – the books i read, the movies i watch, the series i see and watch again, the travels i embark, and the things that make my life busy -whatever it is.  This may also contain but will not be limited to something on me being a middle sister, my beliefs on not giving up on anything, my love for Harry Potter, my driving experiences, my loyalty to my friends and to Friends, the series, and the long time crush i have for Michael Scoffield of Prison Break (real name: Wentworth Miller).

If this embraces you, follow along, post a comment and enjoy.



About Me

* I like to think that i am the bridge that crosses borders with the way my family is separated by distance.  I am here in Manila with its chaotic charm, the parents and my cute niece are in the province where I retreat when i like to experience the simple life, the other sis is in NY, (where i wish to visit again) while the other is in Aus (where i want to visit next time).

I am single.  Still waiting for the one and believing there is really one for me (please don’t burst my bubble).  I like to call myself unsweetened, as i limit myself to anything sweet and would rather prefer to anything lite, zero, and sugar-free. I am Type 2 diabetic.

This is a childhood dream – where i can freely write anything.


2 thoughts on “About Mhy and this blog

  1. Very nice!!!! Writing is about finding your mature voice of comparison and contrast. The challenge rests within finding a public that wants to hear what it is that you want to express, to learn, to be confirmed and comforted within a particular paradigm, a way of thinking and being.

    I married at 18 under the condition that we would not have children. I was going to be a nun. I wanted spiritual practice, self-disciplines within my life to be released from the drudgeries and unnecessary bondages of family and culture. We worked, we saved, we became financially independent and independent from the bondages of commercialism, such as sugars.

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