One million and 7.

Tonight I prayed

For you

For the one millionth and seven times.

Will it take another million more

Until the heavens connive

And give me the first day

With you?


It’s time.

I’ll just put this in writing so I’ll remember.

I now know that what I gave to the ex and A were not wasted time or wasted love or wasted feelings.  Despite the pain I felt when they left.  Instead, it showed the capacity of the love I am willing to share.  How I can deeply love, how immense I can feel, and how I am willing to share.

How I am able to withstand the risk of hurting.

So I  am letting go of everything about them and make a new space to a new one.

And so I am ready!




Thoughts on my Siem Reap Travel.

No serious tips or advice here.  And no review whatsoever.   Just thoughts.

the towers of the Angkor Wat


prasat kravan


ta phrom

when nature takes its course > ta phrom

ta keo

  1. I love the weather! It was first week of December when I visited and temperature was just right.  Not too hot nor cold!
  2. I love riding the tuk-tuk (since the weather is perfect).  I enjoyed the ride over the greeneries we passed on the way to the temples.  I love how I can stretch my legs after the long walks around the temple.
  3. The temples were overwhelming! Angkor Wat was magnificent  but Ta Prohm, Bantay Srei and Bayon didn’t disappoint.  They are unique on their own.  They speaks history!  One could marvel on every carving,  panel, crevice and just be lost for hours.  There are sections that becomes eerie  but hey, they are more than a hundred year old.  So I guess, this is expected.

bantay srei


4.  I noticed over a hundred statues without head. I called them Headless Nick!


4.  Just like any other tourist destination, everyone is there! Every color, size and shape.

5The people are friendly. My tuk-tuk driver, who was with me the 4 days I was there, the hotel receptionist, even those at the market.  Just be aware of scammers (#9).

6.  I love their mangoes and pineapples.

7.  No, i didn’t sample anything exotic (the bugs and/or insects cost USD1 at the market and USD 0.50 just for taking pictures). I regarded my safety and my sensitive stomach first than sampling them.

8.  I was scammed by a local.  He was gracious, sociable (talked about Manny Pacquiao when he learned I came from the Philippines)  and offered to take my pics.  When I told him I had enough (3 to 5 pics), he was asking for a specific sum.  Ha, and I just  thought he was just being friendly!  Yep, I gave him what I thought is just enough.


9.  While immersed on the temples, stop to rest , and give your legs a break. You’ll thank yourself for this the morning after.


Looking back.

And on the 28th of December 2016,  the silver anniversary of my high school happened.

It was more than a celebration of reminiscing the old days,  of remembering who were the class clown, the class nerd,  the geek,  the beauty queen.  It was recollecting how we survived and triumphed every subject, project, class presentation and even the CAT.  And how we were the pasaway (naughty) batch.  We were smiling and shaking our heads off while we are at it.

It was a good day to remember that where we are now were greatly because of high school,  of our teachers, of friends ( and even  enemies then) of the values we learned and now lived.  We are proud of each doctor,  accountant, engineer, teacher, nurse, farmer, entrepreneur amongst us.  We are blessed of our batch priest too.

And those we lost.  We remembered them  and didn’t forget.

That was a long time looking back.  But it gives you a sense of pride and happiness that in some way each of us survived and made it.