This road trip.


Unlike the others that’s often rowdy and full of loud music, this was silent.  Especially when all what’s ahead are blue skies and some patches of white clouds.  Looking ahead was much easier.  She was silent after I asked her what will change her mind.  She smiled. And looked far beyond.  A few minutes after and no single word uttered.  It seems she went straight into an abyss and has no plans of breaking out.  Not even a scream to let others know.

Heartbreak.  It does that to you.

I pressed for an answer.  I was curious of what was going on on her mind.  What made her decide that any relationship is not worthy to be risked for again?  How can someone hurt another so much they decide that they had enough?

I guess I will never know her answer. Maybe because I saw how her world collided after.  How tears were always present on her cheeks.  How her life went from happy to uncertain.

On another road trip, I will ask again.  Hopefully, I’ll get an answer.  Or an explanation what or who will change her mind.







Tan lines.

The tan lines overlapped from the last beach outing.  And my brown skin became browner.

I never cared when I was here.  I was just happy, calm.  I was breathing.  I was under the bright blue sky over the clear but blue waters.  It was simple indulgence.

I can do this over and over again.  Anytime.  No questions asked.



Thunderbird Resorts and Casino, Poro Point, La Union.  September 10, 2016