Making sense of it.

It’s hard when at 2am you stare at everything black thinking why this even happens.

The way people just come, literally pops out of the crowd. Unexpectedly but slowly making their way and even becoming a habit. Never expecting that their smile or even their idiosyncrasies is what has been missing all along.

Then they leave. Sometimes abrupt, not telling. Not even a simple sign that they’ve been feeling the blues. But most of the time slowly drifting and inching their way out. Whatever and however they do it the pain is always the same. Not a tiny bit different.

Maybe this is how life is charted. Coming and going. Up and down. Happiness and sadness. Yin and yang. Black and white. Life or something like it.


Missing you.

You’ve been in and out of my dreams lately
Playing with how I feel
And I don’t know why.

Sometimes I even wake up
At around two
And with the moonrays
I remember you.

I play our song and played it out loud
And I ask myself if you still do
It’s been two years
So I think no.

I await
For you to leave my dreams
And celebrate the one morning
You’ll leave.