Maybe right, maybe not.

My heart is ripped every breath I take. If this is what it takes to hold on to the one decision I made 72 hours to go, then so be it. It is hurting me now, it must be hurting him too and yet we have to do what is right. For everyone. For him. But most especially for me.

I backslid after. I sent messages. I called. He never replied or picked up the phone. I guess he started what I asked him to do. Not to call me. Not to see me again.

I drowned it with some bottles too. Even if it’s bad for me. Just to get numb.

It maybe right, maybe not. But I made it already. I can’t retract.

They say a decision is right when you’re at peace after. I am not. So did I made a bad one?



One thought on “Maybe right, maybe not.

  1. Something to consider: change brings such anxiety, it’s hard to determine the best choice from feelings and reactions. Breaking an addiction is a terrific example, it brings a lot of pain and withdrawal, but then better health. You’ll know soon if your life is healthier.

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