Day 365/365. Who would have thought I will be writing happily today?

At the stroke of midnight, I will leave 2014 with a grin.  It was a feeling a million miles different compared to how I welcomed it on Day 1.  I woke up then with a heavy heart, a headache and a butterfly on my stomach but of the bad kind, the kind that makes you throw up.  Maybe because of the almost 2am sleep, the coffee I drank and the decision that I am not happy welcoming a new day, a new year.  And I will be true to myself that this is mostly because of a meet up with an ex that unearthed some painful memories even more.  And having to hear of a one-year-late explanation why he decided to leave, I could have just leave it cold just like the coffee we shared because all he can muster is a lie.  Yep, this was my Day 1.  Dang!

And all I could think about is to go out, far, fast.  So I did!

I slaved myself to work five times a week.  Literally clocking in at 7am and leaving at 7pm.  And at some point, even on a Saturday.  I survived this kind of life.  The new project at my office made me realize how persistence, thinking hard, eating with people you love to work with (even if it’s a cold spaghetti!), shouting when ideas collide, and some tears would actually let you see the end.  With an almost 200 hours extra work and 90% done,  it was a relief to see the *ERP on-going* sign put down last September.

My sugar went rolling this year.  It never stayed beyond what’s normal but it was high. I did what I have to do but it was never enough.  I accepted that I am a little bit sweet this time.  I promise to do better next year.

I traveled this year.  Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei.  It always brings me back to my core.

Someone from the past came back too.  It was a complicated.  And complicated is not good for me this time.  So No.

And I turned a year older!  I hope what they say is true about turning forty.  That it begins.  Well, what had I been doing for the past 39 then?  Maybe, that life, not begins, but will, be better, happier, calmer.  Hhmm, i like that, calmer.

It’s 365 of 365 of 2014.  I will blow the green new year horn we bought tonight.  No sparkles to be lighted for safety reasons and the fireworks at the neighborhood will suffice.  I have good vibes for the number 2 0 1 5.  I will flash  my wide grin tonight.  I decided to be happy.  And if butterflies will be on my stomach tonight, theirs will be just as beautiful as the colors of a new day.

Hurray 2014!  Cheers 2 0 1 5!


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