Oh these two!

I have been typing and deleting what to write here after finding below by Lang Leav.  Need I say more?  Admittedly, she drew what Patience and Love looked like.  Patience being impatient and Love a little bit late on a designated time.  Maybe Time is at fault too.  Never perfect, never on time.  Ha!

But who am I to say all these things?  And who am I to question?  I’ll just take it as it is just because I’ve learned that Love and Patience have their own way of doing things on their own.  And I can’t force each one of them to come and stay in one place lest it’s the perfect time.  That even though I say to the Universe that I have been patient for love to come, if it’s not the time, they will not meet.

I know I’m not making sense.  I’ll just marvel how the rays of the sun finally made it’s way to my window.  And tomorrow, i’ll await some more.  Dang, I am not making any sense.  I’ll just patient.



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