The End. Today.

I had a hard time completing the task from The Magic by Rhonda Byrne last year.  It requires me to think and write ten reasons to be thankful to persons who caused me pain or hurt me one way or the other. It was painfully hard that time as I just came from a painful ending of a relationship.  The ultimate goal is not seeing or finger-pointing who is right or wrong.  It is finding something beautiful despite the difficult situation so that negative feelings are magically healed and animosity is ultimately erased.  One becomes healed and peace will come.

It was a hard task.

But it’s time.  TODAY.


I have no idea how I finally arrived to today where I can honestly say that my heart and my mind are in complete unison. I can finally say “It is really okay now”.  I had lied then.  To my family, to friends, and of course to myself when I kept on answering “I’m okay” to their every question of “How are you”?.  I had to do it.  For their sake who loved me so much they push me to be okay.  I don’t complain though.  They have good intentions why they do this.

And so today, I can now list down ten or more things to thank the ex.  The list I made is on a paper that I decided not to put on this space though.  

It was a very compelling exercise as I look into my heart and write good things about him.  A smile came across on some numbers.  A sigh on some.  But the most important thing is I had made the list.  I can now truly reply “I am okay” to the every “How are you” I get.

And just like the movies, The End will now roll on the last page of this chapter.

And this is so good.






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