I chose to re-write the past today.

If I have my way today, I will re-write the past, a specific portion of a couple years back. As they say, we are a sum of everything we’ve been through and that who we are today is because of what we’ve done and what we’ve decided then. This particular episode of my life, I am willing to let go. It only complicated my life. I am willing to pay for a pensieve (or willing to pay a wizard for this to manifest), so that the person, the memory and everything in between be taken out of my mind.

I shouldn’t have let you be in my life in the first place.

Mistake, you are. No explanation needed.

I’ll take all the blame for this stupid decision I made. For the last time, I’ll let the scar be a reminder of the inconsistencies, lies and betrayal which completes you.

Of course, the past can’t be re-written but I still choose to re-write the past today ( pensieve or not).

There I just did! Erasing every minute details my memory has of you.

You don’t exist now.


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