Over a cold coffee while looking through.

I ordered my usual Christmas coffee drink in Starbucks after the birthday dinner on the 18th.  We had dinner earlier at a Japanese restaurant after braving the horrible Manila traffic which is not very unusual at this time of the year.  I am with my two single friends who happens to be my travel, dinner, coffee and movie buddies too.  We make time to come together as often since one of us work on a different time shift.  It’s good that we get along so well and likes the same stuff; the things we don’t agree upon – we learned to agree to disagree!  No complications, everyone happy.

In the midst of talking and joking with a friend overseas (thru the fb messenger) about the Starbucks planner my friend just got,  a sudden silence washed over us and we became silent (of course).  Each on its own thoughts.  My friend was busy on line with a colleague about work (yes, her work can be done online anytime, anywhere); the other friend is smiling and busy with his new planner which he decided not to write on it just like his planner last year (that’s why we are asking him to give it to one of us! but he never bulge!).  

And in that short second (maybe three or five seconds) of silence, I feel happy.  Contented even.  Or maybe i finally accepted that this life and this lifestyle I lead and everything in between is pure bliss.  Any of the above is okay with me.  Whatever is lacking with my life now, i feel grateful too.  It gives me inspiration to make better choices and decisions and drives me to work harder.


“You want some muffin?”, my friend asked.  I said no.

I drank what remains of my coffee.  Now cold but still sweet.  And i smiled.





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