Dear 2013. Thanks. Bye!

Dear 2013,

Days from now, you’ll soon be over.  And i thank God for that!

It has been eventful especially the first half, err.., the first seven days, when out of the blue i was left with a broken heart.  Happy 2013 to me.

Oh ok, maybe, not out of the blue, maybe i missed out on the signs and completely ignored it.  Yes, it was my fault I didn’t see it coming. I missed it, completely ignored, left me with a broken heart and a self-worth so minute, it was so hard to grow back again.

And yet, i grew up a little bit more with you.  I did what i had to do to come back and embrace you with my head held high.  ‘Twas hard but i have to do it.  And so with much courage, I hang on and look where I am now – a little bit wiser, a little more hopeful, my emotional quotient a little bit longer, my faith in God’s promises that He will fulfill, and my belief in hope and love (and not be so cynical about it) was renewed.  It’s December 24 and i made it through.  Seven more days and I bid you goodbye.

And so I thank you. For everything I learned this year about self worth, patience, love, choices, importance, waiting, friends, family, betrayal, laughter, success, humility. For showing me that loving oneself is the most important of all.

Bye 2013. It was nice knowing you, learning with you, living with you. You were unkind the first few days but you balanced it out after.



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