It took a catastrophe, that we Filipinos are able to show our strength and resiliency once again. After the strong quake that hit Bohol, now the savage brought by the super typhoon Yolanda ( international name Haiyan ). I can’t imagine the hell everyone went through under the storm. No one was spared – no one – the storm did its thing and left no one and nothing standing after its wrath. Just seeing the pictures and videos now left me but an ache to reach out. It just good to know that we, as a nation, is putting in every effort, every penny we have, every time we have, every prayer we utter, and every encouraging words we say, now goes out to the people badly hit. image

Yes, our government may have lapses on their efforts and fingers are being pointed. But I believe now is NOT the time for all that. If it took an Anderson Cooper to nudge our government to push their initiatives, to decide right and on time, to reach out and leave no one not taken care of, then so be it. But this is our nation. We, as a nation, are responsible to stand again and never leave and slap each other because we have differences. It will not help. I just believe that every negative word said now by anyone must not to be taken as negative. We must take it as an inspiration to stand and rise again. Sure, it’s hard especially for those who lost not only the material things but most especially those who lost anyone or everyone. The memories will be on their minds and the scar will be forever etched on their skin. This same scar may help them realize that however hard they were tested and whatever they went through, they never gave up. It is this scar that I hope they will keep the faith to go on.
And we will never forget all who helped, every nation who shared what they have. Thank you for not leaving us in this most trying times. Thank you for setting aside our differences. Also know that when the time will come that it is our time to share, we will not fail you and will never leave you too. With this, I believe in the goodness of everyone’s spirit. Our words will never be enough to thank you.

And we say thank you to the One who has been testing us. He sure have a way of checking if we never lose hope and faith in Him.

The news all over the world painted a picture of severe devastation in the Philippines. I hope the news will also be fair enough to show every brave men and women, Filipino or not, who never faltered in helping in every way they can. We deserve to show everyone our strength and resiliency in whatever comes our way.

Time will be our ally now. To rebuild. To continue to go on. To hope. To live.

#BangonPilipinas #PrayForThePhilippines


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