No other reason but to believe.

I almost gave up on this dream. Maybe out of loneliness and boredom, my latest failed relationship, of my being a diabetic, or of social pressure, or I may not be biologically able anymore. And these reasons always gets to me and I always find myself on the lowest of the lowest self esteem level. Yep, on these times, I give up on this dream.

And then I see this Quote by Robert Brault.image

And the re-run of 27 Dresses is playing.

And good friends are tying the knot in the next few months despite everything that’s happening to marriages going on the divorce/separation statistics. So I think marriage and relationship has a bright future.

But I think, the most important reason of holding on to this dream is my capacity to share the love and life I had made. Sure it’s not perfect but I think if I found the one person who will actually find the quirks and complications of my so-called life bearable and even endearing, the dream becoming a reality is most likely.

If I found the one. Out of the billion. Just one. And I know I will find him.

And making this dream come true is one good reason to keep on believing in love, in relationships, in true love, in the one. No one is allowed to burst my bubble.


3 thoughts on “No other reason but to believe.

    1. Hi.. I don’t have restrictions on how i share my posts. The others re-blogged some of my posts so i guess that’s the way to do it.
      Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Have a good day!

      1. You don’t have sharing buttons, so I can’t automatically tweet or share the link on facebook. You have to go to your dashboard to turn them on.

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