No way to treat the heart.

My latest ECG showed that my LVH is again pressuring the heart.  I was cleared of it last 2009 and I made it a point to live stress free so that I’ll not strain the heart too much.

And now, its looming again.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the finding is because my heart was literally broken.  This is the same reason why I was then wary to be in a relationship because I would like to avoid any drama in my life especially those related to a romantic relationship.  I am a drama queen and most of the time I am that emotional.

But I took a risk.  Fell in love. Fell out of it. Left me a broken heart.

What I make out of this? So I that it’ll never happen again or I can avoid it at the beginning.

1.  Live stress-free. From work. From people who complicates life.

2.  Free the mind from anything that’s negative.

3.  Exercise more.

4.  Not fall in love.

5.  Laugh often.

6.  Give thanks.

7.  Appreciate more.

8.  Smile always.

9.  Eat healthy.

Yes, I included #4 on the list. Maybe it isn’t the major reason why LVH came back but I think I can do away from it now.  Just to avoid being broken again.  So that the heart can heal and not feel too much strain.

Because the heart deserves to be happy.


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