My Sweet Distraction.

Yes, i will call you that.

Because out of the blue you came back.  You said it’s been ten years since the last.  I just smiled because I never counted.

I had moved on from the last time and I clearly remembered that the friend, Anne, informed me that you are with another.  I just brushed it off.

Because I know time is not our friend.

But do  you know that you are the person i usually think about when they ask me if i have “the one who got away?”.  Yes, you are that to me.

And how surprised I am (and elated!) when you sent me a message.  And that day, you never retreated until I agreed to have coffee with you which actually became dinner and a coffee.  You are a pleasant surprise.

And the lunch the following day!  It’s as if we never have ten years between us!

I love to see you smile.  Then with your braces and how you just give the most childlike and quirkiest smile I’ve seen.  I still love to see it now, without the braces, but still with that quirk (iest) smile but now with a more mature look in it.

I love how your eyes lit up when you see me, as if it is always the first time!

I love our exchange of messages.  I know it’s you who made me answer “yep” and call someone “ei”.  And I really don’t know why but I love that.  It seems we have this connection that is ours and ours alone.

And I am writing now, with a smile on my face.  And i know that this is good.


Will you stay? And continue to paint my life with new colors?


Will you just be that – my oh sweet distraction?


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