Status: Single.

I am sending this to the universe again. And yeah, I’ll just be happily single until the universe conspires that we meet at the right time.

uNswEetenEd muSinGs

It never occurred to me I’ll be in this situation.  I sometimes asked myself if I am the only one, at this age, to question why.  I know friends and officemates who at 30++ are still single and unattached, either by choice or not.  Mine is partly by choice when I decided I give my heart a break.  I gave myself two years to just play it cool and be happily single. I did – living and taking charge of myself and my life.  I travelled, shopped, worked hard and minded my own business.  But this year I planned to be on the field again and decided I can take on relationship risks again.

It’s almost end of the year now and not a single date.  I never even had a brush of a potential bf material or worse than that, I never met anyone interesting.  I often asked myself…

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