Thank you!

It was five months ago when I actively started writing again to free my thoughts and let them fly to nowhere.

I have to release every emotion I have inside my heart because of a recent relationship failure.  And i know this space can somehow take whatever angst I throw it to.  And it didn’t fail.

And  now everything is here.  It is a testament of what I went through because of that breakup.  It chronicles all the tears, pain, the moving on, the learning and truths I realized, and some inspirations I held on and believed in  order to face it.

True, this unfortunate event pushed me to write again.  But I am not complaining.  The number of people who dropped by, liked, commented, and now who follows I am forever indebted.  You were there in everything I went through.  I may not personally thank you but know that you were all appreciated.

Thank you.image

I can clearly and honestly say that I made it through the last five months because of writing.  I didn’t write to impress or to get some followings but you were an added bonus, my cherries on top.  Every likes, comments and follows I got somehow took a little bit of the pain.

And so as I continue to enjoy the journey of my so-called single life,  I hope to share it with you.  And just maybe, I can brighten your day too!

Salamat muli.


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