My Gratitude Walk.

I looked up at the morning sun as I wait to cross the street from McDonald’s for the two-minute walk back to my office.  With my two favorite things in the world on each of my hand – a free newspaper and a cup of hot coffee – these are what my Thursday mornings are made of.

As the rays of the sun hit my sunburned skin, I say “thank you Mr. Sun, happy to see you today”.  It is at 29C this early and it looks like a sunny but a cloudy day, reminiscent of yesterday’s weather when the summer is trying to exit and the rain is attempting to take over.

As I waited for the cars to stop at their own will (yep, there’s no traffic light at this corner of my street), I uttered another thank you – to my lithe body and everything on it – my eyes that makes me see the traffic, my mouth and lips that can make me form a smile and utter thank you to the driver of the white CRV that lets me cross, my hands to hold my stack, and my feet to carry me across.image

I said my “good morning and thank you” too, to J, who despite her size (at 3”) always assists me to finally reach the office gate.  And the guards who never fail to say it.

I spent my one hundred twenty seconds of my morning today with these, how about you?


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