Truths I learned

from the breakup: (or maybe I already learned from the previous but needs to be rubbed in because I constantly forgot when I’m there).image

1. Do not settle. For anyone who is unavailable. Ian, James, Jake, Julius. Each are unavailable in their own way and yet I allowed myself to be entangled in their baggages leaving me with a broken heart and a lost identity, a feeling of unworthiness and self doubts. You don’t lower your standards for anyone. There will be someone who will fill all the boxes with check marks.

2. Learn to wait. To know him better. His character, values, interests, family, friends. To discern if compatibility is high and differences can be worked out. For the right time to be physically intimate with another. And that it shouldn’t be a test of loyalty or a basis of who’s loving more or less.

3. Trust your guts. The little things that says otherwise with regards to love, respect, loyalty, honesty shouldn’t be ignored. They are signs that something is wrong. Be intuitive but not too suspicious. Communicate and sit down to settle things.

4. In relation to number 3, communication is key. Especially when on a long distance. Sure Skype, viber, face time can help and should be maximized. It’s still different though when talking face to face. The voice, body language, tone and facial expression are helpful hints to decipher what’s behind the stuttering or long pauses.

5. It is called a love life, not a stressed all the time life! It must inspire, makes one smile, look forward, endure, and never give up.


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