My last post.

forgiving 2Hitting the delete button is so simple and yet it takes a lot of time, lots of courage and a forgiving heart to finally do it.

Maybe, last night I had come full circle. It was the right time to hit delete and erase the last physical memory of him. Maybe I had earned enough courage to stand on my own again, to be independent and  strong to be happily single. And most importantly, the heart, even if it’s scarred has forgiven. It beats steadily now and is wary of anything that is associated with him. The mind is now tempered to focus on everything important and can easily be re-focused in case it wanders back to him. Heck, I can now sing our favorite song without tears leaving my eyes!

I decided to erase him totally from my memory but I know I can’t do that. He will always be a part of who I am now. The feelings will eventually fade and he will just be a part of my past.

It feels good to finally write about him, accepting what happened, and taking control of my feelings without any hint of pain and bitterness.

I hope too that this will be my last post where I tag it as “moving on and heartbreak or broken heart”.


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