Believe in the Magic!

imageOkay, Rhonda Byrne said it all in the book The Magic. And how can I disagree when every quantum physicist, writer, scientist and experts swear its effectiveness?

And so I share my favorite lines.

“Gratitude is something you must have before you can receive, not something you simply do after something good has happened.

Through the act of being sincerely grateful for receiving your desire beforehand, you immediately form an image in your mind that you have it, you feel as though you have it, and you’re fulfilling your part. If you continue to hold to that image and feeling, you will magically receive your desire. You won’t know how you’ll receive it, and it is not your job to figure it out.

You must trust and know that when you’re grateful for what you want, what you want will be magically moved to you, because it is the law of the Universe.”

And yeah, I’ve been practicing being grateful to everything and anything as suggested in the book. I’ve thanked the sun, the weather, the blue sky, the light traffic, the morning radio show that always makes my morning, the newly brewed coffee at McDonald’s, the guard who always assist me when I park. I’ve also been thankful for the arms that I use to hold and reach things, for my legs that brings me to anywhere, for my eyes, my fingers, the blood that runs through me, the heart, and everything that makes me. Of course, I am always grateful for the parents, friends, heck, even my enemies. Not to mention the many clothes on my closet and the various and colorful wedges, ballet flats and stilettos I wear. The job and the salary that goes with it are also included on the list to be thankful for. And the list goes on. Because thanking everything I have right now will help me achieve everything I still desire.

One might ask how? Experts call it The Law of Attraction. This law governs all the energy in the universe and teaches that “like attracts like”. And since our feelings and thoughts are made up of energy ( yes it is!), whatever we think, whatever we feel, we attract it. Simply put, our thoughts becomes things. Remember the famous quote, ” what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve”?. Well, Napoleon Hill surely knows this law! And we don’t have to be quantum physicist or a genius to understand this. When we are already thankful for what is present, we attract more of these. And this law applies every time to anyone. No exception! Amazing right?

As they say, we have 86,400 seconds a day, its no harm to allot a second or two to be grateful and besides it doesn’t cost anything anyway. And if this paves way to everything we desire, why not?

So beginning today, from the moment you wake up, when the feet reaches the floor, say thank you. To everything you have. To the one thing you want most.

Feel the power! Believe in the magic!


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