My heart is in a happy place…finally!


I smiled. And the feet ran. To where the waves meets the shore. They always come back and yet they are never the same. Still it trusts and hopes.image

I smiled. And the hand reached. For another. Assuring and committed. Never to let go. Despite. It accepts all.

I smiled. And the eyes wandered. To a place where pink tulips abound. And yet at the corner, just around the bend to the fountain, a yellow tulip stand tall. It knows what matters.

I smiled. And the mind travelled. To a place where the horizon is painted with hues of the rainbow. And as if on cue, the night sneaks in and the quarter moon appeared. And the twinkling stars painted the sky. It is beautiful.

I smiled. And the heart reached home. A place where the soul dances. Free and full of life. Calm. No doubts and no fears. It is a bliss.



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