Tonight I Let the Tears Fall.


I cried while I was driving tonight.

How can I stop the tears to fall?
How can I convince the heart to let go?
How can I convince the mind to accept?
And I still don’t understand why I am this?
Why am I still hurting? Is three months not enough?
More so, is the knowledge of his betrayal not enough reason?
To close the heart? To shut the mind?
And I hate myself when I still cry
Because of him.
They say time heals everything
To which I agree
And everything happens for a reason
To which I need to accept.
And whatever happy thoughts and quotes I put into my head
And positive feelings i ask the heart to feel
I still cry.
Maybe, just for tonight, I give in to crying.
Maybe it will do me good not to be strong tonight
And just feel the pain all over again

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