I am empty and this is good.


I may have an empty outline in the center of my heart right now but I can’t complain.

Because I know and believe that once I empty everything what’s left of the past, this outline will welcome every bit of love and happiness I know I well deserve. Slowly and surely, I am getting rid of the negativity and the bitterness. The scars may be etched forever but I know in time it will eventually ease up, heck, I may be lucky and it will disappear.

I am empty and hollow. But I know that someday soon I will be filled. With colors of the rainbow, with the sweetness of the red strawberries, with the coolness of the morning breeze, with the gentle waves of the blue sea.

And I will smile. Because the empty outline will be filled. And it is good. And again if I am lucky, I may call it love.


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