April 4, 2013 will never happen again…


On a very early Thursday morning, over coffee, eggs and sausages, McDonald’s repeatedly played a song on the background with the following lyrics: everything’s gonna be alright, hooray for today!

Who wouldn’t like to start a day with this on mind?

And believing that this day will not pass again, I make it count.

Even if it’s only doing something that’s  very ordinary or even routine –  like checking and answering emails, attending a meeting, submitting a report, eating lunch, shopping, playing 4pics 1 word or candy crush – because these activities add up to where I will be in the coming days.  Because i believe that where I am right now is because of the things I did, the decisions  I made, and the people I interacted with in the past.  The meeting  I attended earlier may be what my future office systems will be.   The report I submitted may be the basis of my promotion or not.  Or the man I talked to earlier at McDonalds may be someone important in my future.

One may ask how can an ordinary day be a special day?  Be grateful for it.  Be  grateful for all the things that is in your life and be contented with it.  Be grateful for the sun, the early morning breeze, the perfect parking space, the radio hosts that make you smile, the guard who greeted you good morning, the freshly brewed coffee.  Be grateful for your heart, your legs, your brain.  Be grateful for your job and the salary that goes with it.  Just be grateful.  Never regret.  And let this gratitude add up and take you to where you are supposed to be.

Because a day, just like time, once spent will never be claimed again.   So make it count.  And make it special.


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