One order of karma please… And can you deliver it quick?

When I was busily living and doing my thing, the universe tests me on how I’ve what goes around comes aroundbeen in terms of moving on – a reminder from an airline of the ex’s travel plan to come home suddenly pops up on my inbox – What do I do? I say f*ck! And f*ck again!

But the friend with her imaginative mind suddenly launch various ways to mess up his vacation. In the middle of dinner and much laughter, we listed down the following:

A. Re-route to Syria or Sabah ( or to Tralala if this country exist. Importantly, ticket is one- way)
B. Transfer it to my name and travel somewhere exotic like the Maldives!
C. Change schedule to February 29, 2043! ( Hhmm, this is not a leap year).
D. Cancel!

Choice D is tempting.

I had the power to click the button to cancel on his travel. Just to mess his day so that he’ll not be able to attend a very important family event.

The power was on my hand. One click to let him know that I can inflict even a pinch of pain he made me feel because of his betrayal.

But I chose not to because I have other important things on mind. Or maybe I just don’t want to stress anymore. Or I’ll just follow every friend and both of my sisters’ advice: Let it be. Especially on this day that everything is digital, karma will come around so fast!


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