Past-ing versus Living.


The friend blatantly told me that it is now my fault that I am still giving the ex some precious time of my day when I should be giving it all to my moving on and “living” my life and dreams.

I guess I can’t get another sympathy from her anymore. She may have enough of my whining and all my putting myself down. She had been my go-to girl ever since the breakup so I understand where she is coming from. She listened as I cried and whined. She even cursed the ex for me!

And last night, pointblank, she told me that it is a waste of my time. That the ex is a jerk and doesn’t deserve a second on my mind, in my life.

That’s why, with much much courage and will power, I will now live. Cliche but it is true – the past belongs there and if I continue to keep visiting it, I may miss all what’s life has to offer.

I am ending all it here, now. No heartbreak or relationship fail entries from me anymore. No negative or put-me-down feelings and thoughts anymore. No more past-ing, just living.


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