Thanking the unfaithful ex? Seriously?

Thanking the unfaithful ex?  Seriously?

How can you say thank you to someone who hurt and betrayed you? This is one of the hardest thing I will ever do while practicing the daily tasks of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

It is asking me to think and write down ten things I am grateful for for the ex, who two months ago decided that he has a changed of heart. That he already has someone else while we are still on.

I am trying so hard to move on, successful on some days not on other days. The betrayal creeps in and the questions are still hanging. So I really don’t know if I can think one good thing lest ten things.

The book explains that the practice is not about who is right or wrong and that finding a gold nugget even in a difficult relationship will magically heal oneself. The ultimate goal is when one don’t feel any bad feelings toward the other person anymore. So that one is healed and that peace will finally fill the void.

Oh, I really don’t know if i can. But I will try, for my healing, for myself.


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