I just finished episode fifteen of 49 days, a koreanovela I have been spending nights with. It’s a story of girl who died accidentally, then went into coma.  She met the scheduler, sort of an angel of death, who explained that the only means to go back is to collect three tears in forty -nine days.  Tears when shed represent 100 percent of pure love.  Seems easy right?  But this excludes parents and siblings.  The question is will she be able to?

This is the same question I asked myself while watching.  Will somebody shed a tear for me?  Was I worthy of a tear of pure love?  Will a friend, a cousin, an old time boyfriend shed a tear for me?

No idea yet how will the story unfolds.  I bet she’ll collect the three tears.  Interesting to know who will shed a tear for her especially that her fiancé is actually in a relationship with one of her best friends.

As for me, in my status right now, I might not need forty nine days just to realize that no one will shed a tear of pure love for me.

Favorite line:  no one deserves your tears and those who deserve them won’t make you cry.


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