in sofie’s world…

sofie is now fascinated with colors and so we give her crayons and lots of coloring books (lest we want our whole kitchen wall to be smudged with her masterpieces!).  she particularly loves violet, after liking the color pink.

her coloring book library is complete with barney with baby bop and bj, dora, the disney princesses and her latest fancy – spongebob!

she colors every time she sees her books.  she still colors way out of the lines though she knows how to hold her crayons now.

she sometimes begs you to color for her.  she would cutely say – tita, color tayo (auntie, let’s color) and hands the crayons one by one.  below is spongebob in her world as i imagined it to be!

spongebob in all color

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