My Vision Board.

My Board
Life or something like it...


I just finished my board.  My guide.  My life.  My vision for the next three years.  Or may be five years since I want to be a billionaire during that time ; ) !  Yep, I can do that. I believe.

My board is the result of my readings ( Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – still at the middle chapter) and the CD of The Secret where it was revealed that the secret is the Law of Attraction.  I want to believe that Ben is a result of my Law of Attraction and of course right timing.

My board tells what’s in my heart now and can be summed up into:

1.  Relationships.  A man holding a bouquet of flowers, a boy playing ball, a girl with a golf club, a man and a woman sitting side by side looking at the horizon.  This is how I want my future family is made of.  I dream of a romantic and smart and a loving man.  Someone I can make conversations with and the same time someone I can make comfortable silences with wouldn’t hurt.  Add  two kids and maybe a dog would complete it.

2.  House and a Car.  Who wouldn’t want these?  A two- storey house in a nice environment, a vacation house by the beach and the latest model of CRV.  Need I say more?

3.  Jewelries.  A diamond necklace and a ring.  This would complete my LBD or LWD.  I want them to be my best friends too!

4.  Travel.  France. Rome.  Santorini, US, Australia, a gondola, a cruise, and even a hot air balloon ride.  Anywhere with a beach with the family is just perfect.

5.  Money and investment.  For retirement.

Law of Attraction reveals that the universe is a brochure.  You check what you want.  It is limitless.  It gives you what you want.  Find the happy positive feeling!  Thoughts come alive!  And a vision board helps to picture the end goal.  And of course, I am shooting for the moon.  Libre naman mangarap (It’s free to dream anyway!).

My sis often tells me, just claim everything you want and the universe will conspire to make it happen.  She often dreamt of a house with a white picket fence and I am happy to say that she is living in a home with one.

The Law of Attraction works.  Anytime.  Everytime. To Anyone.  No exception.


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