it all ends here.

for a fan like me, it really is.

everytime i think about it, i get a little bit sad.  and of course, excited!  the end is finally here!

how scary and bloody will it be?  how will voldemort find harry? how will it be for the rest of the weasleys especially that they will face death in the family?  how good will hermione be? and how sorry will snape be?  yay.. my heart is pounding so fast now…

will they show the after 19 years?  how wil they look like? especially their kids.. this gets a little more interesting!

what will i do after the last scene unfolds? will i clap my hands  since the battle was won? or will i just stare at the blank screen  knowing that there will never be a next time.


for now, i am counting the days until i clap my hands, maybe with tears on my face, staring at the final credits of harry potter.



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