reaching me via snail (mail)

How exciting it is to receive a postcard via post again! 

Maybe those who grew up this “internet days” don’t know that snail mail exists, or that only bills for credit cards, utilities or advertising materials are sent thru the post and that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other networking sites are the only means to send messages.

A friend who is travelling in France, Netherlands and Germany sent me one of each of the places she is visiting.  I got one from her one day tour-de-Paris, France with the Eiffel Tower magnificently standing amidst a water fountain; a postcard with rows and rows of red and white tulips from her Amsterdam trip; and just today I received one from Hamburg with the St. Pauli-Landungsbrucken as a background with the sun setting which painted a red-orange-violet sky.  They are all very nice and is worthy to stamp a “wish you were here” tag.  And I wish I could also be on these places. 

It has been long since I received a postcard/letter from the post.  My sister who is based in Australia sent me one from my birthday – last year!  It always put a smile on my face when I receive a colored envelope bearing my name which is not from advertising or a credit card or utility company.  It feels good to hold it and read it over and over again while imagining myself what will I be doing when I am in this place. 

While what is written in the postcard is limited due to lack of space, I now anticipate what will be the story behind these pictures.  This is where the best part is.  Because I know, this friend and I will have coffee soon and the chitchat will be a very loooooooooong one.  This is what a postcard or a letter do.  It bridges.  It closes the gap. And while being away lets you miss someone, the moments and stories will bring two people again as if they never left.


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