subconsciously reasoning out…

   “i never push myself into something i am not entitled to.  i know how to wait despite my low patience quotient.”

i uttered this words upon waking up today because there were tears on my eyes.  fat tears streaming down. tsk..tsk..tsk..  i dreamt that my boss was questioning me for attending a meeting i am not supposed to.  she was insisting that i shouldn’t have represented the department in that meeting.  she was repeating this over and over again.  with that i woke up.

i told this to my boss when i saw her.   she was laughing hard and told me that maybe i love her too  much that i even think about her in dreams.  hhmmm.  well, i am fairly close to my boss (but still manages to separate her being my superior).  we get along in topics concerning health, yoga (even this is just a theory for me), being happily single, artists and sometimes lovelife/relationships. she then added that most dreams mean the opposite.  well, this i hope.  it is much better that we laugh until we cry than she making me cry.

i haven’t thought about this until now.  i am still trying to decipher what this means.  maybe i’ll google.  then i’ll just do a postcript.


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