thursday thoughts

i wanted to write today but the i can’t seem to organize thoughts in my head.  i wanted to write how beautiful the morning was, how the sun was glowing and slowly sneaking between the two tall buildings when i drove through shaw boulevard, and how unexpectedly an airplane just crossed the cloudless sky which prompted me to sing – ‘ all my bags are packed i’m ready to go, i’m standing here outside your door, i hate to wake you up to say goodbye… i’m leaving on a jetplane, .. ; ).  it has been a beautiful and sunny day.

i hope outside will be as beautiful.  the moon has been full some days ago and the chilly weather has returned again.  i would have been to a hot yoga free trial today at the fort with some co-workers but was advised against it due to the broken heart (literally).   i am waiting for 7pm to strike so that i can leave the office as today is my number coding day.  maybe i’ll just do my regular hip hop abs exercise at home.  plan tomorrow is to run again at ultra… maybe, ill finish 8 laps or even 10!

i’ll buy our tickets to aus tomorrow online.  i hope i’ll be granted the 11 day leave. 

i have to finish the procedure i am doing today so that i can scratch it off on my to do lists. there are two more waiting to be scratched off . i still have friday to catch up.

just read some nice posts at freshly pressed and those that accepted the post a day challenge. hhmm.. hoping someday i can accept the challenge too..

but now, i’ll just write whatever it is that comes on my head.  and i’ll start with this…






nah… i can’t seem to write. my thoughts are not very organized and i may find myself writing nonsense.  this is nonsense.

and the clock reads 7pm.  i’m going home. 

tomorrow, i’ll write.


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