future me.

will you be surprised to receive a letter in the future coming from the past? yes, coming from the past and it is written by you!

ever heard of futureme. org (www.futureme.org). this site enables you to write to yourself in the future! and you can send this as far as thirty years. hhmm, if you were to receive letters in the future what do you think will it say? will it answer all your questions or validate things you never knew? will it be on a happy mode or a sad reverie? will it be questions on what to do next and complaints on what life has been throwing you?

i just sent my first letter tonight to be delivered to me on may 2012. i just wrote the state of my mind and what’s keeping me busy now. maybe i’ll write something more serious next time, a letter to be delivered in five years just to see how it has been.

if you’re just as crazy as i am, try writing to yourself. the site boasts of over a million letters written to be delivered sometime in the future. count yourself in and be included in the stats!

happy writing to your future self ; )


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