whites in the middle of blues…

photo from http://marvinphytian.com

ironic how a day turns out. after a rough day last night, i woke up feeling good and hopeful.  after the short morning prayer and the morning mantra, i embrace the day with a smile.  driving to work, the sunshine broke through while the breeze made the air cooler.

i gave some thoughts what happened last night. it was the normal “being alone” stress.  when you crave for company – not of friends or family members – but romantic in nature, some of  the days are rough.  when i am through fighting the challenges the days give me, all i hope is a steady hand to hold me; when all of the day’ communications are of work, all i want are great conversations i can have with – of simple stuff and silly things; when the day had been so loud, i crave for comfortable silences and just feel of someone else’s presence. hmmm…haaayyyy…

like ted of how i met your mother, i sometimes ask – where is he now? _ my lobster, my other wing, my the one – and i only have one answer – he is on his way – maybe lost, got a speed bump or has been stalled totally – (by the mmda – and can’t get his way out… hahaha).  whatever it is, he is on his way or maybe not.  a friend had asked me if i had been entertaining thoughts about being single forever, and i readily said yes (my fingers are crossed though!) i am such an undecided mess ; ( 

like my friend, my boss always tell me that i might be single forever.  giving some thoughts about it, it is of course a possibility especially that i have not been dating or seeing someone for quite sometime now. back then i cringe to this idea, but i don’t anymore.  maybe i began to accept it or maybe because i am happily single now.

they say being alone is not a problem especially when you love the company of yourself.  and right now, i am in that place.  of course, going out with friends breaks the monotony of being with myself, but most often than not, i love going out with me.

as i turned left for the office’s gate, i brushed the thoughts off… i already put some minutes on it and i have to turn it off. i love the idea how the universe plays with my thoughts.  the universe they say is a generous one – whatever you put out there, it gives it back without hesitation. it is like a brochure where every options in life are written in there, and all you have to do is put a check on what you want.

as of now, i would like the universe to know that i am happilly single but has just checked the box where it is written – the one. ; )


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