these were the theme of the mass this morning.

what i particularly like about his sermon was that he was very witty and very amusing at the same time.  when the early morning cold on the 1st morning of january pulls you to be just on the bed cover instead on the middle pew of the church, his delivery on the three topics was just worth it.

i particularly like his views on the word “understand and appreciate”.  he pointed out that wives should, instead of nagging the husband when he comes late or even early in the morning drunk,  should appreciate that he came home safe.  she should ask how his day was and would like to ease up his hangover by wiping hot compress on his face.  this statement spawn nasty remarks from the wives in the church.  mom even remarked “nah, that souldn’t be”.. hahaha… father continued his sermon by saying that everyday we should understand people around.  one way of doing this is not just to understand but to stand under – meaning you put your feet on the shoes of others – and be more sensitive to their feelings and care.  i believe this exercise humbles and even generate gratitude.  it is not easy of course, but trying is a very strong word if you’re dedicated to it.  i believe the world needs this now – standing under.

and what would be a day without prayer.  to thank for. to ask for.

it’s the start of a brand new year!  let us continue to pray, start standing under and appreciate more.

happy new year!


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