this sunday is a rest day…

i woke up to a gloomy sunday. perfect for a day in bed. perfect for a cup of hot decaf coffee, some eggs, fried rice and some corned beef. this day is completed by the sunday paper ; )

today, i am resting from all the busyness of it all.  I just finished the christmas shopping with a friend yesterday, wrapped all the gifts in red and call it a day by 1AM.  Busy busy busy.

tomorrow is another busy day.  the week is even busier.  work, of course, gets the bulk, my monthly fbs is on thursday, the Aus visa form needs my attention, the ever important performance evaluation form is also due, the christmas party is this friday and of course, the birthday is this saturday! another year – and thus, time to list everyting i am thankful for…hmm, this deserves a new post.

but today, i am resting and by that means writing here while watching tv, waiting for the delivery  and lounging in my pjs!

i am capping this day with a mass later.

this is my rest day ; )


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