flying to july 2011…

Nope, i am not getting married.  I am not even meeting “the one”.

Nope, i am not transferring to a more glamorous work with perks i never dreamed of.

Nope, i am not travelling to Paris or to Santorini (not yet).

I am not even meeting my crush.. Wentworth Miller.

Or even, reaching the goal to the Million.

I want to know the end.  As if i haven’t known.  I’ve read it more than six times already but seeing it will just be different.  Especially that part1 was so close to the book that  I am hoping part2 of the movie  will breathe every pages of the story of Harry Potter. 

It will be bittersweet I know.  For fans like me, part2 is the realization that it is really the end.  No book 8.  Just like when i finished reading book 7, much as it is a happy ending, sadness crept in because i know that it is truly, really the end.

Yep, for HP i am willing to let the days of 2011 fly fast.  Just for him and Hermione and Ron.  Or maybe i can just let the pensieve help me. ; )


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