41days from now, i will turn a year older.  ; )

i’ll be on the mid. not early. not late. 

what’s on my mind now?  i can safely say i am happy. i wake up every morning and say thanks to a new day. i count my blessings after.  i look forward to be fruitful with my work and i always try (and i do) put a smile on my face despite all the stresses.  i learned to understand the people that come my way because they may be facing a greater battle than i am.

i look at life half full.

though, sometimes it isn’t always a bed of roses.

i sometimes have doubts. and the insecurities wash out the positive flames. i questioned what is and sometimes can’t figure where.  i sometimes cry and wonder if i’m the only one who does.


i made i through the last 324days.  i’m looking ahead to see what’s in store for me on the next.  i am praying not a just a glass half full but a glass almost full to the brim.  and i know it doesn’t hurt if i ask and pray for a colored one. : )

40 days and counting.


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