Today, for the 2nd time I felt it.  My vision became blurred, had a headache and even had some dizzy moments and I was sweating profusely even though the temperature inside the office was cold.  My doctor called it hypoglycemia as a result of my being a Type 2 diabetic.  Hypoglycemia occurs when blood glucose drops below the normal level or in simple terms my sugar just went too low.

My morning started with a conference call from the US at 7am and lasted for more than an hour.  I had a ham sandwich and a decaf coffee after and just water the rest of the morning.  I felt the dizziness at 11:30am. I didn’t mind the dizziness and the headache since I just had my period and thought that caused it.  By 12:10, I decided to join my officemates at the canteen and that’s when I finally realized that I am hypoglycemic again!  I had it under control not like the first time it occurred.  With my lunch, I ordered a bottle of coke (which is now a treat for me because I have been limiting my intake of this one good old “happiness”) and surely after 30 minutes I felt better.  No more sweating and the dizziness had stopped.  Even the headache was gone.

This nothing compared the first time I had it.  I was at the cathedral in Baguio with a friend and was listening to an Ilocano mass (we missed the English mass) when I suddenly felt the same signs.  I closed my eyes so as not to be blurred with the light but when I tried to open them there was nothing I could see.  It was all black! It was scary! This lasted for I think ten minutes.  Afraid that I would lose my balance and fall, I just leaned on the post beside me and took big breaths.  Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.  Afraid to startle the friend, I just continuously closed my eyes until I saw a light when I opened my eyes.  The sweating continued but at least the dizziness was already manageable. 

My prayer at that time was – believe it – thanking my God for the opportunity to live life.  That I hope my body would reach my family and that I may not cause so much pain.  That the family can go on easily and that they’ll remember me once in a while.  I was dead serious.  No I didn’t see my life flashed before me so I know I’m not going to die yet. But I know if I am going that time, I’ll be okay.  I am ready, maybe afraid but I am much more ready.  This is becoming morbid, so I’ll stop.

I finished the mass and finally had my caffeine fix and I was much much better!

The doctor expertly told me that what happened was triggered by my empty stomach and by the 30 minute running I did at Burnham Park before going to mass.  I guess I’ll be more careful with my eating habits now and be more sensitive when my stomach makes that funny noise again.

A speaker in a seminar once told the diabetic group that we are the sweetest person in the world because  there are more sugar in our body than the usual.  Maybe he is right.  But I am much more to the idea that I am unsweetened. With the way I changed my lifestyle – the food that I eat, and the exercise that I do, I prefer to be unsweetened. Just natural.


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